Light Sculpture by Kjell Engman for Kosta Boda

Unica glass sculpture by Kjell Engman for Kosta Boda.
This sculpture is a feast in color and imagination combined with advanced craftsmanship.
After receiving his education at art schools in Gothenburg and Stockholm he immediately started work at Kosta Boda in 1978. His designs for Kosta Boda include a wide array of things. One side of his production is the colorful, cheeky and decorative series. This piece unique is made from a metal base with a glass top and a two position light inside. The irrigated base pattern comes back in the glass sculpture which makes a one piece effect. This great sculpture was made in 1997 and is signed on the base.



  • Designer

    Kjell Engman

  • Producer

    Kosta Boda

  • Materials:

    Glass, metal

  • Condition:

    Very good

  • Dimensions:

    H 52 cm x W 11.5 cm x D 7.5 cm