Rosewood XXL Dining Table Fristho Netherlands

Beautiful Rosewood Dining Table from the 1960,s made by Fristho Furniture in the Netherlands. Fristho was a high quality furniture maker and this table with a massive edge around the top and beautiful massive corners is one of the top pieces they created. The table is professional re-lacquered and is in brand-new condition like when it was sold in the 1960,s
The table is closed 170 cm wide and as the legs of this table are on the corners there is standard space for 6 dining chairs when its closed. Extended the table is 220 cm wide. Because of age one leg of the table is lightly bended but has nothing to do with any instability or so. if you don’t know it is nearly not visable.
Price € 1800

  • Designer:

    Fristho Franeker

  • Maker:

    Fristho Furniture Franeker, Netherlands

  • Materials:


  • Condition:

    Very good, new proffesional  re-laquered

  • Dimensions:

    Height 73 cm, Wide 90 cm, Long 170-220 cm