Osvaldo Borsani D70 daybed sofa for Tecno

Beautiful sofa, Model D70 from Oswaldo Borsani for Tecno designed in 1954. This sofa is a 1960’s edition and in fully restored condition. The sofa has new Pirelli stripes and new foam, the sofa is newly upholstered with Red Wool Kvadrat Tonus 3 Fabric.

The mechanism allows the sofa to be opened out until it completely reverses, an iconic design solution that allows the backrest to open to any angle, even to make a bed. The sofa was first presented at the 10th Triennale Exhibition in 1954, it was a  fresh direction taken by the newly formed Tecno.

The D70 has two pivoting wings, a metal frame, the opening mechanism consists of a lever with a securing pin that engages with holes in a graduated plate. The mechanism is operated effortlessly by a practical knob and allows the backrest and seat to assume any angle and to fold down to form a bed. The way the soft parts adapt to the shape of the body and to its functionality, It is harmonious in form and an extremely comfortable sofa that can be used in every room.


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