Plywood Lounge Chair and Ottoman 1950s Tubular Nickel Frame

Beautiful plywood lounge chair and ottoman from unknown designer and probably made in 1940s-1950s, but even earlier.
The Tubular nickel Frame has wear enough to be pre-war maybe Bauhaus period. The plywood patina is great and has little wear. The previous owner had a Fabric cover over the wood but we think that was not original. The frame is welded in the old way and the bent tubular frame are narrower in the corners as the tube, so this is the old school (pre war) way of bending. As told an unique piece with age and wear (Nickel lost) and even some little rust, but we leaved it as it is. This is a true unique piece untouched and a beautiful piece of early modern design. The neck leather straps are new as the old ones (also not original) where in the same fabric as the cover was.


  • Designer:


  • Maker:


  • Materials:

    Plywood, nickel, leather

  • Condition:

    Very good

  • Dimensions:

    H 80 cm x W 72 cm x D 110 cm