Plywood Eames FSW-6 Folding Screen by Herman Miller

Beautiful Folding screen in teak by Charles and Ray Eames,

Designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1946 and produced by Herman Miller in the 1970’s. A FSW6 six panel folding screen in Teak, connected by a woven orange canvas mesh. The screen can be used as a room divider or a sculptural item. It is easily adjustable and folds away. A very rare and beautiful item. The Folding Screen was created by Charles and Ray Eames in the course of their experiments with moulded plywood. The screen is not only a practical room divider but also a striking sculptural object. Six moulded plywood sections are joined together with woven textile hinges to form a wave-like screen that can be set up in a variety of positions. The screen can be folded together for storage purposes.